5 Top Tips for Families Living with Diabetes

2nd November 2017

However, a diagnosis of diabetes in children or young people can be a shock at first, for the family as well as the individual.

The diagnosis will have an impact on the whole family, potentially changing your outlook on food and exercise, steering lifestyle changes and requiring you to plan ahead more carefully. Today on the blog we are sharing easy management strategies that will help your whole family adapt to living with diabetes.

Cope with the condition together
When a diabetes diagnosis is made, it’s natural to feel upset, annoyed or resentful – whether you’re a parent or other family member, or the sufferer. Children with diabetes in particular can be frightened; they might struggle to understand why they are no longer able to eat the same things, and they may be resistant to forward planning.

Tackling treats
Too many carbohydrates send blood sugars sky-high, and this fact combined with the usual ‘party tea’ menu can leave you panicking when your child comes home with an invitation.

It’s fine to have an occasional treat and parties shouldn’t be off limits, though they may require a little planning. Alongside carrying a blood glucose checker, when they are old enough, get your child used to checking and counting carbohydrates in foods, so they are able to choose one or two treats from the buffet table along with some sensible choices.

What have been the biggest obstacles you’ve faced since having a diabetes diagnosis in the family? Do you have any tips to share about living with diabetes? You can find more information on diabetes in children and adults at your nearest Farah Chemists, but we always recommend discussing any concerns or questions with your GP.

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